albanians are people who come from albania/kosovo. we have our own culture , traditions , holidays and language. fun fact : our language is one of the hardest and most unique language there ever is.

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albanians have been killed, raped and taken away from their families for years all because of serbians. serbians are even colonizing our country kosovo and calling it theirs.


kosovo is also a country who includes mostly albanians. we have been an independent country since 2008 but some countries dont see us as one. now this is the problem. kosovo was taken off the map and became apart of serbia even though kosovo is NOT serbia and will never be.

if you see kosovo as serbia heres photos to prove that it is not.

link to thread :

all we can do for right now is raise awareness and hope that kosovo will be put back on the map. heres the petition to sign to put kosovo back on the map and not to let it be apart of serbia.

there is fires happening in albania. we all need your help. so many families are in danger. this fire has started some days ago and its close to reaching houses. no one is talking about it.

we need help. please spread awareness. so many lives are at risk. these are peoples lives in danger. here is also an article with information for you.

keep albania in your prayers if you are religious please.

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serbia is doing an albanian cleansing as we speak in presheva valley. they are taking the rights of albanians to vote and get medical care. so many women are dying during birth and this is no accident. albanians are getting their basic rights taken away and no one is helping or spreading awareness.


please sign the petition below to get the albanians their rights to vote and get medical care back. we know petitions dont help much but its all we can do besides spreading awareness.

if you have anymore questions or have any more information we can add please come to my twitter